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​We monetize stranded energy

The most innovative Bitcoin mining technology, powered by stranded and renewable energy sources

Numeraire Mining
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Bitcoin Mining as a Service

​Access scalable demand and maximize your revenue

Renewable & Stranded energy

Numeraire Mining allows to monetize surplus energy that would otherwise be wasted, fostering a more sustainable and prosperous energy sector

Grid optimization

ASICs are extremely flexible, they can be turned on or shut down instantly, enabling automated and efficient Demand-response strategies

Revenue maximization

Numeraire mining leverages electricity during periods of low or no demand, unlocking additionnal revenue streams for renewable energy producers

​Untapped renewable energy potential

Demand from electrical grids fluctuates greatly, yet renewable energy production is not easily adjusted, leading to energy wastage and suboptimal production capacity.
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​Bitcoin mining creates scalable demand

The Bitcoin Network can serve as a flexible energy buyer of last resort, balancing fluctuations between renewable power generation and demand.
bitcoin mining from renewable sources

​Optimize production and maximize your revenue

Don't let a single Watt go to waste! With Numeraire Mining, you can access scalable demand, sell your surplus energy to the Bitcoin Network, and increase the profitability and viability of your operations.
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Numeraire Mining

​Rely on a trusted partner

We take care of everything so you can focus on what you do best
  • Customized solutions

    Our team analyses the performance of your power generation system to devise a strategy that optimizes production and maximizes profitability — tailored to your needs and power source.

  • Equipment & Infrastructure

    We take care of the acquisition, delivery, and installation of the Bitcoin mining infrastructure.

  • Exploitation, maintenance & support

    We take care of the exploitation and ensure support and maintenance of the infrastructure to guarantee a reliable return on investment.

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