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Bitcoin is accelerating the energy transition

Excess energy production

Energy demand exhibits significant fluctuations. Energy producers rely on sophisticated predictive methods to optimize their output. However, despite the accuracy of these methods, there is always some excess energy production that remains underutilized, curtailed, or stranded.

Many energy sources, whether intermittent like Wind or constant like Geothermal, cannot be easily scaled on-demand. This surplus energy not only lacks a buyer but also puts strain on the infrastructure.

Startling estimations reveal that over 65% of the total electricity produced worldwide goes to waste. At Numeraire, we are on a mission to assist energy producers in harnessing this surplus production and transforming it into a competitive advantage.

Bitcoin mining as a solution

By implementing Bitcoin mining, energy producers gain the ability to effectively balance the demand of the grid by instantaneously connecting or disconnecting their machines from the network. This strategy, known as Demand-response, plays a vital role in maintaining grid stability.

Such strategies not only help optimize electricity production, but also increase revenue and ultimately lead to lower retail rates.

The inherent flexibility of Bitcoin mining operations, coupled with their ability to be installed anywhere, positions them as an ideal solution to exploit untapped energy potential.

In the years ahead, it will become the norm for every energy producer to implement a Bitcoin mining operation in order to remain competitive in an ever-evolving market.


​Bitcoin mining for energy producers


Bitcoin mining leverages electricity during periods of low or no demand, boosting the profitability of energy producers and concurrently promoting sustainable cost reductions for consumers.


Some renewable energy sources are intermittent, offer does not align with demand. Bitcoin mining addresses this intermittency issue by transforming otherwise wasted energy into a profitable resource.


Failure to harness excess electricity can result in infrastructure degradation. The implementation of a Bitcoin mining operation enables energy producers to effectively utilize surplus energy, preserving their infrastructure while generating profit.


Bitcoin mining complements batteries, offering flexibility when wholesale prices are inadequate and batteries are full. This synergy optimizes energy production and ensures the efficient utilization of resources.

Grid Optimization

Bitcoin mining operations can be set anywhere, turned on and off instantly for as long as needed. Bitcoin mining is the perfect candidate for effective Demand-response strategies, stabilizing the grid and allowing for the optimal output at all times.

Competitive advantage

Energy producers that integrate Bitcoin mining operations gain a substantial competitive advantage over their counterparts, making them more profitable, flexible, and stable.

“ It’s an amazing opportunity! “

Take 5 min and listen to Brad Jones, former CEO of ERCOT, talk about Bitcoin mining from renewable energy in Texas

Industry analysis

​Bitcoin benefits every single renewable energy source

hydropower plant

Hydroelectric power

Hydroelectric power stations are dependent on the volume of water in the rivers.

For run-of-river power plants, electricity generation is constant and unused when demand is low; whereas for storage power plants, electricity generation is controllable but lost when the dam reaches maximum capacity.

Discover how Bitcoin mining assists hydroelectric power producers fully optimize their electricity generation operations.

wind and solar

Wind & Solar power

Wind and Solar power have an inherent intermittency problem that negatively impacts their profitability and development.

Bitcoin mining and batteries can be used together to solve most intermittency-related issues limiting the efficiency of renewable sources in the grid.

Discover how Bitcoin mining serves as the ideal catalyst making the energy transition a tangible reality.

flared methane 3

Flared & Vented methane

In 2021, more than 200 billion cubic meters of natural gas were flared, representing almost 75% of the volume produced in the entire European Union.

Bitcoin mining's flexibility and ability to be established directly on site positions it as a major contributor to worldwide reduction in emissions.

nuclear plant 2

Geothermal & Nuclear power

Geothermal and Nuclear power plants generate a constant and predictable output, while demand for electricity fluctuates greatly. This creates instances where there is excess energy available relative to demand.

Discover how the Bitcoin Network, acting as buyer of last resort, optimizes the usage of excess energy by dynamically and automatically scaling demand.

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