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An innovative way to maximize your revenue

​Untapped energy potential

Demand from electrical grids fluctuates greatly, yet power production is not easily adjusted, leading to energy wastage and suboptimal production capacity.

By integrating a Bitcoin mining operation into your business model, you can unlock the potential of your energy production.

Access scalable baseload demand from the Bitcoin Network, leading to increased revenue and profitability.

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Rely on an expert

More and more energy producers are leveraging the numerous benefits of integrating Bitcoin mining into their business models.

However, developing such a project can be daunting without the necessary knowledge and skills.

We provide the expertise you need to implement a flexible, autonomous, plug-and-play Bitcoin mining operation.

Customized solutions

Each electricity producer has distinctive characteristics that call for tailored and adaptable solutions.

We design customized solutions that align with your specific requirements. Our agile iteration method ensures flexibility, optimal management, complete transparency, and high profitability.

Our projects can operate with consistent load factors or be powered on-demand through automated Demand-response programs. This makes Bitcoin mining the ideal companion for renewable energy projects.

Bitcoin mining as a service

​What we offer

We help you implement a cutting-edge Bitcoin mining operation directly onsite
Project management

We create a project tailored to your needs by establishing a detailed and transparent budget and taking care of its development, step by step.


We handle the acquisition, transportation and installation of all equipment and infrastructure — working with the best hardware and software.


We take care of the monitoring, maintenance and support — maximizing equipment reliability and load factor.


We maintain partnerships with regulated Swiss exchanges 🇨🇭 for the secure sale and custody of your Bitcoin.


Our solutions are adapted to your power generation capacity and budget. You can rent or buy the equipment, according to your needs.


We generate revenue only when you do — offering 100% transparency on build-out economics and profitability.

​Getting started

First contact

We first meet to discuss all the pertinent parameters of your power generation source, answer your questions, understand your requirements and evaluate project feasibility.

No commitment required , this step is completely free of charge

Let's talk
Project analysis

We conduct a comprehensive analysis considering feasibility, profitability and viability, delivering a detailed proposal and budget for the operation.

Our method is 100% flexible, allowing us to iterate and incorporate each request into the process, until you are satisfied


After validation, the operation is initiated. We acquire, install and deploy all the necessary equipment and infrastructure.

We work closely with your designed collaborators and ensure constant feedback


We provide ongoing monitoring, support, and maintenance to ensure optimal performance — continuing to customize the infrastructure to match changing generation profiles, power price curves, equipment efficiency, etc.

​Power Purchase Agreement

If you have access to undervalued or surplus electricity, but don't want to invest in your own Bitcoin mining equipment, Numeraire can build its own flexible infrastructure onsite and negotiate a Power Purchase Agreement.

This option gives you a way to increase your revenue and profitably, with little or no up-front cost.

power purchase agreement

​Numeraire Consulting

If you are thinking about developing a Bitcoin mining operation on your own, we can help you identify risks and opportunities, make financial and operational calculations and identify potential partners, allowing you to obtain a better outcome.

We offer this service without commitment from your side, as we are eager to help any energy producer to develop what we consider to be a virtuous endeavor.

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