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Jaguar mine (Paraguay)

Invest in a hydroelectric powered Bitcoin mining operation in Paraguay.

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Jaguar bitcoin mine Numeraire

​Investment opportunity

  • Numeraire is raising funds to finance its Bitcoin mining operation. The funds will be used exclusively to acquire high efficiency equipment.
  • Between 5-10% of the revenue is kept in treasury for unscheduled operating costs such as machine unscheduled maintenance.
  • The bitcoins generated are managed through a Swiss 🇨🇭 regulated exchange. Profits are distributed to the investors in an automated manner via the Bitcoin network.
  • Interested? See the FAQ below for more information.

100% Renewable energy

​A profitable Bitcoin mining operation

$4.2 cts/kWh

One of the most competitive electricity prices worldwide

3 MWh

The mining site has a capacity of more than 3 MWh

100% Renewable

The Bitcoin mining operation uses exclusively renewable hydropower from the Itaipu Dam

The new Texas

Paraguay is at the beginning of its rise to prominence in the Bitcoin mining world.

Paraguay has plenty to offer Bitcoin miners. Itaipu and other dams keep the country flush with cheap, abundant electricity, and the regulatory and legal framework are relatively friendly.

Step by step, Paraguay is becoming Latin America’s premier Bitcoin mining hub, as Texas is for the US.

Stranded Hydropower

The biggest incentive for Bitcoin miners to move to Paraguay comes in the form of 23,700 feet of concrete and steel: the Itaipu Dam.

Second only to China’s Three Gorges Dam, the Itaipu Dam is capable of generating 14 GW of power. Operational since May 5, 1984, the dam provides power to Paraguay, Brazil, and Argentina.

The Itaipu Dam has an overproduction of 5500 MW of hydroelectric power (equivalent to 5 nuclear reactors).


Paraguay map
Itaipu dam Paraguay
itaipu dam bitcoin mining numeraire

​Technical specifications


Numeraire Jaguar SA


Itaipu dam, Paraguay

Site capacity

> 3 MWh

Energy source

Stranded hydropower

Electricity price

$4.2 cts/kWh

Contract duration

12 months renewable

ASIC model

Bitmain S19k Pro

Number of ASICS


ASIC avg. efficiency

< 24 J/TH

Cooling method



Munich International Mining

Exploitant fee

$1.5 cts/kWh

Starting date

January 2024

​Frequently Asked Questions

Mining site

Absolutely, the operation uses 100% green and renewable hydropower.

Read our Industry Analysis for more insights on hydropower Bitcoin mining.

We guarantee an overall site efficiency < 24 J/TH. This is achieved by acquiring ASICs with equal or better efficiency than the Bitmain S19k Pro.

Our partner exploitant is Munich International Mining; they have over 7 years experience in hydropower Bitcoin mining.

Site is enclosed by walls with electrical fence on top.

  • Armed guards at the premise.
  • Only authorized people are allowed to enter the site.
  • Cameras at the facility.
  • Logistical partner ensures shipments arrive safe & sound at the facility.

The container is custom designed for the Paraguayan climate.

  • Intake air filters and water curtains provide clean & fresh airflow.
  • Natural water wells available to supply water for the curtains.
  • Separation between hot & cold aisle.


The minimum duration is 12 months. After which, the shares can be sold (prioritizing current shareholders).

The maximum ticket is $250k.

The minimum ticket is $10k.

There are 2 distinct investment channels:

  • Loan: Simply lend us the money with 10% annual interest rate denominated in US dollars.
  • Convertible loan: Acquire equity proportional to the amount invested and receive Bitcoin dividends.

Feel free to contact us for any question.

Yes, if you wish so, you can acquire voting rights proportional to your equity share (Common voting stock).

Of course! Our pitch deck is confidential, but please contact us to set up a meeting or to obtain a copy!

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